Monday, October 17, 2011

Shaving Cream Fun!

Kids LOVE making a mess and getting their hands into something gooey.  I still remember how fun it was to squeeze mud in my hands and feel it squish between my fingers as a child.  This activity can simply be for fun or educational - depending on what you want to make out of it.  We did both.

What you need:
A pan of some sort (I used a 9x13 casserole dish)
Shaving Cream (or if you have a child that likes to put things in their mouth, whip cream in a spray can)
Letter flashcards (optional)

I sprayed the shaving cream into the pan and smoothed it out with a spatula.  Then I took out her letter flashcards (or you could write some letters on a piece of paper) and had her write them with her finger in the shaving cream.  *I would suggest making a thin layer on the bottom of the pan to practice letters, we had a little too much shaving cream, which was great for playing but a little hard for writing letters.

 She got really messy and had so much fun getting the shaving cream all over her hands and arms.

She played for quite a while in the shaving cream and loved every minute of it.  This is great if you can't get outside and your kids are wanting to play in the sandbox, mud, or gives them a fun sensory outlet indoors.

Of course, I don't take credit for this idea, I've heard the idea from many different people/places - especially in the homeschool circle.  

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