Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Marshmallow Wars

Last month Olivia had a sleepover with two of her cousins, both of whom are very active.  We wanted to do something outdoors that would be fun for all ages.  I came across this idea on pinterest.

It's very simple, but lots of fun.  We made marshmallow shooters out of a disposable cup and a balloon, both of which I had left over from Olivia's birthday party.  I did find that the smaller the cup, the more accurate it shoots.

For a great tutorial on how to make them, check out this blog.

At night, we had a war and in the morning we used the launchers for a distance competition (who can shoot their marshmallow the farthest).  They had a great time.

This could easily be adapted for indoors using pom-poms (as the original post suggests).

This was a little hard for my just turned 4 year old to operate, but it was definitely age appropriate for her 6 and 10 year old cousins - and her parents :)

Let the wars begin!

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